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this blog is dedicated to the lovely and beautiful face characters of the disney parks! all photos are property of their respective photographers--this is just a place to compile them all and make them look pretty! sources may either be found beneath the photos or by clicking the photos themselves!

Anonymous asked: Do you know the Hercules' guy real name?

nope! if i did i don’t think it would be cool to post it anyway! can’t ruin the magic. (:


Snow White’s redesign: details

Anonymous asked: That person was so rude of course you're allowed to like more than one princess! She's probably just jealous you met Rapunzel

it was just kind of a weirdly worded message, i don’t think they meant to be rude, or i hope not, at least! 

Anonymous asked: How old are you? And which one is you in your pic with Rapunzel also if belle is ur fave why isn't she ur cover photo

i just turned 23. i’m the one with the dark hair and the braid and idk i liked that particular picture better than my picture with belle and i also love rapunzel? am i not allowed to like multiple princesses? hahaha

ciinderellie asked: Your blog is so amazing ahh<33

thank you so much!!! (:

Anonymous asked: Who's your favorite princess?


Anonymous asked: hey I love your blog and I was wondering if I submit a picture of one of the princesses do you think you'd be able to tell which cast member was playing them?

i don’t know any cast members personally and i think that could actually get them into hot water, so unfortunately, i don’t think i can do that for you. ):